Accessories you Need for your Baby

When taking care of a baby there are several things that help you with the process and make things easier. These things are often referred to as baby accessories and they can range from fashion accessories like baby headbands to necessities like swaddle blankets or baby bibs. We’ll discuss a few of these accessories below. I’ve divided them into two categories. Accessories for babies and then for parents.

For Babies

Baby Headbands

Baby headbands are a sure and easy way to accessorize or style a baby’s outfit. Because babies should wear clothing with minimal design baby headbands give parents an extra option to add some personality to their outfit. Baby Headbands with Bows are a great option as they are always so cute and will cause your baby to light up the room and light up faces. You can’t go wrong with a bow on a baby.


Baby bibs are an accessory as well as a necessity as you need them when feeding a baby and also to prevent stains from spit-ups, snacks, juice boxes etc. But bibs don’t have to be boring as you can now get trendy bandana bibs that are both fashion-forward and functional. Bibs help keep his/her clothes clean and dry from drooling. Companies now make them in the most colorful and interactive designs that make a statement on their own. Designed with cartoon characters, cute and clever sayings and even some in 3D unique designs.

Baby Turbans

Baby Turbans have gained new popularity but they’ve always been around. They serve many purposes such as keeping the baby warm during cold weather and also keeping the baby’s hair in a protective style. But beyond this, they are also a cute and stylish fashion accessory that can make any outfit stand out. I rate them 12/10 for the cuteness factor.

For Parents

Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpacks are a popular and very useful staple accessory for both adults and kids and they can be easily made to be an accessory to add some fun and spunk to an outfit. Kids use backpacks for school supplies, adults got on board and started using it for work and further customized it and made it a fashion accessory as well and now kids use it as a fashion accessory also. And now parents can also use them to carry around all their baby stuff. Diaper bags made in the form of backpacks have become a new and hot product in the baby industry. This is because of their high functionality and the already existing popularity of backpacks.

Nursing Covers

The Nursing covers are a necessity and they are fast becoming an accessory as well and they can be used for multiple functions. Whos aid you can’t have it both ways? For example, a nursing cover can be used as a shopping cart cover and as a car seat cover or as a burp cloth. While you are shopping, the nursing cover can be used to protect your little one from germ-infested shopping carts, providing a great alternative to using antibacterial wipes every time you go to the store. One size fits almost all models of car seats, shopping carts, and nursing mothers. Compact when folded, the cover conveniently takes up little storage space in your diaper bag or purse. This nursing cover/car seat cover makes a perfect Christmas present or baby shower gift for new moms.

Car Seat Covers

As far as car seats and car seats cover go, the law requires that children are transported in an age-appropriate or weight-appropriate car seat any time they are in a car. Weight-appropriate because some kids are bigger than their age counterparts and so might need a different size seat. Every car seat is unique and parents need to take extra care when installing the car seats so they do it the right way. The Car seat cover is an added accessory to the car seat to keep the baby cool. It’s also needed when the car seat is taken out of the care. When the baby is being transported in the car seat from the car to the building or from other locations in the car, the car seat cover serves as protection from the sun or other harsh elements. Some organizations however warn and advise against buying car seat covers that are not provided by the manufacturers. But the car seat covers provided by manufacturers are usually colorless, light and fragile.

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are very important for newborn babies. Swaddle blankets provide a familiar comfort to babies as they mimic the feeling of a cuddle or swaddle from being in the womb. When buying, look for a soft blanket that is lightweight and breathable, meaning your little one will stay comfy and cozy without overheating. Wrapping your baby in a swaddle blanket also helps keep the baby’s hand from waking the baby. When a baby is born the Multi-Use Covers can be used as a swaddle blanket to wrap the baby and as time goes on and other uses arise it can be converted as appropriate. Some parents, however, decide to buy a separate blanket or swaddle cloth for this purpose.

Baby Monitors

Many parents swear by baby monitors and could not imagine a life without them. They are useful to watch or hear your baby when they are in another room or when they are home with the nanny. There are advanced baby monitors that are wifi enabled so you can control them from your devices, take a picture remotely, etc. There are also high tech baby monitors that don’t necessarily have a camera but are still very useful in monitoring the baby. You can use them to listen to your baby’s heartbeat for example and check the rhythm from time to time if you are not home or if you wake up in the middle of the night and you are too tired to stand up. They can also track your baby’s sleep rhythm to see how well they sleep at night.